LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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The Balance of Languages Everywhere

by Thom12


Languages matter! represents the global nature of all languages, that the differences and diversity in language unites us all around the world.

The poster presents an iconic scale weighing the Mother Language theme in two languages and shown in perfect balance. The scale is symbolically designed as an iconic figure with the finial bearing a face. Balanced on the head is a globe to signify the far-reaching goals of languages around the world.

The scale sits on a bright red field with
the event name and date to highlight the importance of this day for languages everywhere. The overall effect is one
of simplicity, demonstrating a depth of visual understanding for the reasons we need
to embrace native languages. The image offers the possibility to use the scale as a symbol
for the 2009 International Mother Language Day, on brochures and auxiliary print materials as well as for the web.