LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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playing telephone

by Karla Pamanes

I guess we all remember playing telephone with two styrofoam cups and a piece of string when we were little.
What I wanted to portray in this poster is this innocent view of the importance of mother languages. Language is one of the firsts gifts of knowledge we have, it is essential to define who we are. Language gives us our identity. It helps us to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings.
Diversity plays an important role in this poster as well. The two cups attached symbolize two different people, two different worlds and two different languages. The color differentiation helps get this statement, as well as the layout of the poster's information separated by languages but at the same time working together with the same image. With this, I want to emphasize that no matter how different these identities are, they both work well together united. And that is how all languages should fit in our world: united. Because languages matter!"