LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Language Matters! So does the Poster!

by juhee dubey

I started out with thoughts of how to design a poster for such a noble cause and make one which involves a good, honest thought.
The challenge lay in depicting language through the visual medium and bring about it's significance to culture as a whole. I brainstormed over the possible association to language and reached the iconography used here in. The callout, the mouth were obvious derivations. I studied on the endangered languages and decided to give them space on my poster. The best way of doing this was using a text block which is wrapped inside the callout itself. The most important information is the slogan which is so powerful in itself, along with year for which the poster is designed, finds itself inside the same focal point of the callout.

The information on what does the slogan stand for - International Mother Language Day and the date is written at the bottom for those who eyes will seek more detail and go till the bottom of the poster. The fonts and the fint sizes have been chosen considering the A3 size of the final poster and should be viewed in accordance to that.
The colour red was chosen as it is the only colour that is found across all cultures with different meanings but yet is present in all. What better colour for language matters then, one which is spread across many cultures, just like language is. On another note, I found that it does make the message very catchy and pulls the viewer towards itself.