LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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"What Unite Us, Can Not Separate Us"

by Ana Roberta Tartaglia


When I started to put on paper my ideas for this poster, I thought in some words as a concept such as, diversity, equality, extinction, multi-cultural, coexistence. And a sentence was formed in this process and was kept in my mind: what unite us, can not separate us. The language is an unifying element in society. The spoken language is the mirror of a nation, it’s the identity - and looking at the origin of this language we can understand how and why certain cultures are the way they are. But language is more than this, it is also a passport for knowing other countries, cultures and lifestyles. For this reason, I decided to put on my poster, the letters that make sense for us, and to be more inclusive also some letters that make up the language of signs - the dactylology - much contrary to what we ordinary think, also varies from country to country.
I tried to make a lively and modern poster, with a scent of 60’s which holds the attention to grasping the message. Its most importante element is the information that loads, so the text is highlighted, making it very straightforward.
Its color ranges, although irregular, fit and coexist in this space, showing that all differences could be harmonized, if respect exists .