LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter Poster +++ Designed by Danny K.

by Danny Khoury

Human communication has always been the essential component in the enrichment of civilizations in many fields; whether educational, philosophical, medical, technological, and many other domains where it is necessary for the advancement of humanity.
Languages, as the main tools of human communication are the vital ingredients of human development.
The poster is worked with a typographical approach where the slogan "Languages Matter!" is the main focus. Each letter of the slogan is colored with a different tint.
These colors represent the diverse languages that are dissolving. As colored inks dissolve and mix, they become black, where they lose their vividness, individuality and spirit which gives them each its own character and property.
The layout relies on simplicity and attractiveness to convey in an abstract way the current situation of languages that are melting and disappearing over the years.