LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Enrico Arbizzani
Co-authors: Laura Mezquita Gonzalez

The design develops the concept of diversity by stressing the differences of common and spread images. It is a sequel of several interpretations of the same subject as they are developed in different and current cultural scopes. The poster works on the idea of language by not restricting it to the definition of spoken tongue. It enlarges the research on the musical and mimicry communication, and (why not?) on the language of roads signs and logos.
By the comparison of the different graphic solutions to the same messages, the richness of differences is stressed and transformed into an icon itself. It is a research on the concept of diversity, but it avoids the combination of stereotype figures by the use of current images in order to search for authenticity, which is the real value of diversity.
The design has been developed in a sequence of strips that are summarized in a final poster. The background and the text form are intentionally minimal to point the attention on the comparison of the images. The UNESCO logo can fit in the lower left corner of the drawing. The design has been realized by Laura Mezquita González and Enrico Arbizzani.