LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Indira Prieto

In the briefing it was asked for a piece of graphic communication that could reflect the celebration that takes place on February 21st, related to the importance of languages for the people in the whole world, based on the slogan Languages Matter!
For the first solution (image 1) it was decided to select and illustrate people from all kinds of human races that reflect an attitude of struggle to face this issue. People are the main characters in what refers to this problem, the ones that has to be aware of the solution that has to be made. The technique used was crayons, which create a more gestured drawing. Combined with squared shapes and transparencies, it concedes to the composition unit and visual coherence.
In the second and third posters (images 2 and 3, respectively) the illustrations are more child-like and naïve, but it is relevant the part that children can take in this matter and it is also important to involve the new generations in all this. In the second, the technique was crayons and colored pencils, obtaining vivid colors to create a greater contrast, and support the idea of a childish drawing. In poster number three, the whole illustration was computer-made.
The fourth solution (image 4) for the poster tries to rescue one kind of communication that with the technology is being less used every day: the written language. The paper that was teared up with the word language in it, and the traces of drawings that contrast with the background, create a nostalgic poster but also strong in what its visual codes refers to.
The fifth and sixth posters (images 5 and 6) are more abstract in theirs solutions because of the superposition of the elements that were used. Number V utilizes hands of different people that are pointing at the texts. Typography is the most relevant element, contrasting with a dark background. Number VI it’s a graphic more hopeful, the colors and clouds and the gestural traces of the typography which creates the capital letter for Language. The utilization of typography is in all cases in order to reflect modernity, with the use of Sans Serif types.