LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter!

by Kostis Sotirakos

Both posters rely on one key idea, expressed in two different visual ways.
The core idea is the presentation of linguistic diversity and variety through the usage of the symbol of the speech bubble in a various ways and a carefull choice of a vivid colours' palette.The speech bubble is an international symbol and a shape globally known in every language. It is also characteristic of verbal expression and conveys the element of the person- therefore it is global and personal at the same time, making a strong, easy to read statement. The colors are lively and full of life and symbolize the different cultures and identities of people, that can live together, peacefully and proud of their own culture and civilization. Each bubble is distinct still there is harmionic blending. The lack of words inside the bubbles invites the viewer to imagine all languges in their spaces, their own voice expressed. The blending of speech bubbles also denotes the element of coexistance. Coexistance means mutual respect, diversity and empowerment of all units and even more the need and opportunity to know each other better through language.