LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Global Understanding

by Vrushti Mawani - Jani
Co-authors: Uday Mawani


The importance, or the need, for Global Understanding cannot be overstated. Especially in today’s world. On the one hand we are turning into a Global village; the flip side, it would seem comprises of Global issues like Terrorism, Racism and all such divisive phenomena, compounded by the current Global Economic Crisis.

Minus this kind of Understanding, individuals, communities, Races and countries would be at each others’ throats, symbolised by expletives, in the poster.

Global Understanding cannot happen without first Understanding, and Unity at the levels of small communities, Regions, Countries…
What binds communities the most, and at the smallest levels, are their Motherlanguages. Languages which people use for unadulterated, clear communication.

Unless there is Unity and Understanding at the smallest levels of Society, Global Understanding is but Jingoism.