LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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you and me

by julie sauerwein
Co-authors: julie and jinhee

We are Julie and Jinhee, two designers from France and Korea living in India. We live in a very multicultural town and are lucky to be able to gather a lot of handwritten languages from our surroundings.

The experience of gathering the handwrittings implied to make meaningful choices. For example, the word YOU has so many forms that we decided to leave a great diversity of them instead of having only one form for all. So YOU on our poster is sometimes feminine, masculine, polite or familiar according to the language's common use. Sometimes also ME is said first instead of YOU, so we left the phrase the way it was said in order to be authentic and unique.

Our idea of cultural diversity becomes quite clear: YOU are always different from ME but we are also together in the same space. All the handwritings are unique, all the color backgrounds are unique, and by being together on the page, we form a very colorful and friendly group.

We hope you enjoy it, here is the list of languages from top to bottom, left to right :
Bislama from Vanuatu, Solomon, Papua New Guinea, Japanese, Croatian, Flemish, German, Spanish, Bielorussian, French, Chinese (mandarin), Bulgarian, Swedish, Oriya, Gujarati, Russian, Nepali, Brazilian, Catalan, Finnish, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Tamil, Latvian, Arabic (classic), Dutch, Korean, Hebrew, Italian, English, Napolitan, Hindi, Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjattjara from central west Australia, Greek, Swahili, Danish, Kazakh, Slovak, Indonesian bahasa, Marathi, Bengali, Hungarian, Malyalam,Thai.