LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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by cleoparta
Co-authors: cleopatra


Every child has a very special quality of their own as soon as they are born.
A child tends to be more or like the one who bring them up and the one who is so close to them until their adulthood. But a child needs constant guidance from the parents.
As we all know that it has become kind of legacy that mother and child relation has strong bond. A child receives every impacts of daily activities directly or indirectly of mother when he/she is in the womb, says like mother’s mood, diet, habit etc…
Their relation is such that child is mostly attach to mother; and of course father also has equal responsibilities in this issue.

At the moment I am going to present you all my work on the International Mother Language. My poster reveals mother as a teacher, a Guide and the master of his life. A child learns, understand and move ahead with his acquired knowledge and visualize in practical. We are aware that some have inborn quality which is gifted by a god but that is not good enough one must learn more, explore new adventure, and understand what is happing around him.

So, in here question arises where does child gets help form? .The answer is right here, it’s a mother. A child learns form his mother. He gets to know several things in life in the world. When he is exposed to a great world with lots of happening he is astonished.
He looks back to those innocent days and compare with the present and witness lots of surprises.

In the present poster mother is a window to her child and question mark is a child. When he see through the window he sees the world with grave enthusiasm. Specifically, he is exposed to a new world, a world of wonders.

If I quickly wrap up my presentation, children are so fragile to a new environment and we are to be more consistent in guiding them and save them form unhealthy environment.
I strongly believe that mother is only the one who can save the children from this predicament. A child reflects his mother’s reflection.