LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Reaching for preservation

by Pinkmartian

Languages are not just a way to communicate but a way to feel and shape the world that surrounds us. Universally languages have this is in common: they show how each culture shapes itself, and handles its everyday. From this concept comes the idea of the hand, to show that as in the physical world the hand feels, shapes and builds, words do the same in the world of thoughts and ideas.

The position of the hand is very simple to make it almost look like a universal hello, a friendly gesture between all people, at the same time open to contain everyone. Inside the hand you find symbols taken from all sorts of alphabets that exist in the world: Latin, Russian, Greek, Georgian, Armenian, Japanese, Hindu, Arabic, Chinese… All mixed together inside a hand that reaches for the cosmos to symbolize the will to survive, to keep on going further. The future.

The emphasis is on the slogan “Les Langues ça compte! / Languages Matter!” to make clear that the preservation of languages and multilingualism is an important issue. Through language we learn about the history and identity of others culture’s and our own.
We understand others and ourselves better, we expand our horizons.

The O in “ça compte” is in the shape of an open mouth to make it feel that this is being told loudly to the world: “ça compte!” it matters.

The illustration and design is very simple and hand made, the alphabets were hand drawn and so were the letters for the slogan.

It is meant to touch everyone and give it a sense of us all living in the same world co-existing and caring about each other’s past and future.