LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

1- the last green sound / 2- the real sign of people is his/her mother language / 3- Pieces of heaven

by naser nasiri
Co-authors: Naser Nasiri Graphic Atolier

Poster (1) - The last green sound:
There is an old story that in it there was a girl who in bed and was looking to turning to yellow tree from the opposite window and she believe that by falling the last leaf of it, she will die.
Finally the last leaf was near to fall, that her father draws leaves on the branch of the tree in midnight until his ill doughter don't be dis appointment.
In my design body of this tree (poster) and its branches in view of visual sense, are showing face of an woman (mother) and its only leaf is mother's lip, which is green.
I mean that she only human in heritance that take away disappointment from her/him is the mothers green sound, or mother tong (the last green sound).

Poster (2)- the real sign of people is his/her mother language:
In this poster , I know everyone’s mother tong is similar to his/her fingerprint, I.e. everyone’s mother tong is like furrows of skin of his/her fingerprint, which is unique, relate to everyone.
When I was thinking for this poster synchronous I war ethod one eastern girl with pen .
To be simple and have outline state.
Then I scanned it and I made eastern mother language with this written the sign of everyone is her/his mother language and in end, in stead of my fingerprint and take my sign on it, and then I layout rest information in left and down corner of this poster.
In my opinion, this poster is beautiful and personage lip!

POSTER3- Pieces of heaven
In my believe, everyone heaven is the word that he/she use them for express his/her inners, of course, not tool expression.
But purposeful expression that undoubtly, except mother language, other language can’t be evacuating humans inner need and feeling, and these pieces of heaven must be searched in nearest language in mans mind.
In this poster, I used turquoise, azure and jujube colors till to give eastern sense, especially Iranian. Illustration of mothers face also is outline technique with mark that I do more my illustration with this technique.