LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Shirley Reyes

Within my creative approach to this project, I thought of various ways to create a design that visually gave life to what the International Mother Language Day event represents. After careful research and various design attempts I came up with the idea of salvation. Saving these languages from becoming extinct, by showcasing a group of individuals pulling either the word languages, the date of the event or a representation of different characters used in the language of various cultures from falling off of a cliff. This to me embodies the reason for this event, which is to bring awareness to all cultures of the importance of keeping different languages alive and well, and this can only fully develop and succeed by engaging and educating as many people as possible of the importance of this event and program. One person cannot do it alone. Within the rest of the design I went for a watercolor effect and the use of the world map in the background to emphasize that this is a worldwide problem. The use of the parchment paper for the canvas of the piece was used as a reflection of the age of some of these languages and no matter how old they may be they carry an abundance of history and life, which is conveyed through the use of the vibrant color used within the design. Just because something is old doesn't mean it should be disposed of, like this piece of paper. Below the date of the event I have chosen to incorporate the phrase "languages matter" in various languages, similar to the approach of the 2008 Poster winner. I really liked that people who spoke different languages would be able to possibly read the theme of this event. I hope you enjoy my designs.