LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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International Mother Language Day Poster 2009

by bryan0000000



The representation of the three globes is to show how language, the world, and our flag/colors are interrelated and represent language and culture.

The “flags globe” symbolizes the colors of each country and how much our flags represent our heritage and culture. Whether it is a neighboring country or distant country, language can be similar and at the same time totally different. The flags as well as language symbolize the individual country and their culture in picture and word form.

The “languages globe” I wanted to use different languages that I (possibly many other Americans as well) do not encounter on a daily basis. The word in each language of the globe translates to “language”. As states in your information, “…more than 50% of the 7,000 languages spoken…may disappear.” I wanted to incorporate some translations of countries that the language is only utilized by a tiny fraction of the world’s population. For example, one language I used is the Amerindian language “Inuktitut” which is spoken by about 100,000 Inuit people in Canada, Alaska and Greenland.

The “world globe” represents the “body” of the outer globes. I wanted to signify that the other globes are “parts” of the center globe, not detached. Much like a Kidney or Liver are vital to a human. You do not see these parts from the outside and yet if separated we would realize how important they really are. The outside globes are extensions of what make up the middle “world” globe. Of course we have trees, plants, and animals which we all know are important, but it is the people, language, culture, and society that give the world its soul. The outer globes make up these key "parts" of our planet, hence the overlapping.

I wanted to use soft and light colors so that the poster itself was easy on the eyes and inviting. I wanted it to be a simple design because most times simple can be a better route. By simple I mean I only focused on my central graphic and did not want text, font size or other colors to take away from that main design. I used the white font color for this specific reason. The “languages Matter!” slogan is an important piece of the poster so I wanted it to have as much weight as the middle graphic (this is the reason for its placement).

Thank you,

Brian Abeyta