LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Tree

by Sahng Ah Park

Language is our primary means of communicating thoughts. It is universal and it exists in every society. The enrichment of language skills enables us to express ourselves and to voice our thoughts more profoundly.

I believe adopting a language can be compared to growing a tress. A healthy tree requires strong roots, a study trunk, and sufficient amounts of sunlight and water. Once all the requirements are met, the tree can grow beautifully and is also able to play an important role in the ecosystem. A language also needs coaching, a consistent practice and usage for it to be fluent to someone. Unfortunately today's world is experiencing a tragic loss of tress causing deforestation around the globe. A similar misfortune is happening to languages; a numerous amount of spoken languages have disappeared and will continue to extinct if no efforts are made.
My poster seeks to bring this issue into people's awareness. Using graphically and typographically eye-catching slogan "LANGUAGES MATTER", I have built a tree that have have branches composed of the different names of languages (English, Dutch, etc). They then branch out to generate different shapes of lips which are designed to resemble leaves, hence the various expressions voiced by our mouths. The branches could also be thought to be the speech bubbles.
Finally, the logo of UNESCO and the UN will be placed right beneath the tree; the strong roots that supply the sources to generate life for the tree.