LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Mother In Mother Language

by Excelle

When I think about languages, I think about words and what they mean to us. For me, the first word is the most important: mother.

All the translations in the world can never replace the word mother in your own mother tongue. It holds all the cultural and personal meanings beyond the written or pronounced form. These meanings are what make each language so unique.

For this design, I only used text as illustration, because languages are presented to us as letters and words, not as pictures. However, as words form mental images in our minds, in this design they form a mother and a child, together in the multilingual world.

Mother language is something familiar and safe, so we tend to hold onto it, as a child holds onto their mother. But at the same time, languages are fading away, as expressed by the different shades of grey in the words. We move away from home, to other countries and cultures, and without even noticing, we start to forget.

Even though different languages often confuse us, we can take comfort in the fact that the most important things in life are universal − such as the love between a mother and a child. This universal aspect can actually be seen in the similarity of the words, all meaning mother. And yet, only the one in your own mother tongue is the one that means so much.


The logo would be positioned under the slogans, on the bottom left of the poster.