LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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by Tatiana González

In the first desing we can see a baby with a baby´s bottle which is synonymous with concept of "mother".
In the second design, we can see two hands holding the globe. The two hands together are synonymous with good relationships, friendship, companionship… The photographs of babies from different races and religions follow the aim of reflecting the concept of “mother”. I have put all the babies together in the same globe because, doing that, it is shown that it does not matter wherever you are from o whatever language you speak, given that we are all equal. Using photos of babies from all around the world, I also try to make people proud of their mother tongue.
In the third design is synonymous with union, friendship, peace, companionship, equality etc.
I intend to represent peace between cultures, religions and languages. Everybody deserves recognition and all speakers must feel proud of their mother tongue and show it to the world.