LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Time to Matter.

by bluesea

The theme: Language Matters!

These two words, this strong slogan, quickly and directly invokes other declarations:
Speech Matters!
Voices Matter!
Communication Matters!
Words Matter!
Expression Matters!

Simply: With such a powerful message—literally an exclamation!—let the TEXT on the poster speak boldly and directly to the message: LANGUAGE MATTERS!

If some symbolic graphic element strongly desired, I added a subtle, thematic watermark to the poster. The derivation of the watermark began by studying the geometry in the UN Emblem.

Taking one of the bud-like tips of the olive wreath from the official Emblem of the United Nations, then simplifying it and abstracting it, I organized the form to branch concentrically outwards to express the energy needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. This outward energy is, at the same time, focused inwards towards a centre point, converging on a moment in time and on an occasion dedicated to reflection on the theme of International Mother Language Day: LANGUAGE MATTERS!

Thank you for your consideration.