LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Tree and Earth

by Constantinos Hadjittofi

Image 1 - Tree

In this poster I have a created a tree using the letters that are included in the text of the poster.

The main body of the tree has its roots deep inside the earth showing the long existence of languages around the world. The black colour has a number of interpretations: on the on hand it symbolizes the years of the continuing development of languages and on the other hand the difficulties and the hard effort that humans had to put in order to maintain the uniqueness of their mother language.

The black colour of the body comes to fit with the colour of the leaves which give the impression of burning. Fire symbolizes the danger of the disappearance of languages and the destruction of the most important cultural characteristic of each country around the world.

However, the creation of this tree also promotes a positive message: as languages -the crops of the tree- manage to survive and to be developed during all these years with some effort this tree will continue growing helping creating stronger and more stable societies.

Image 2 - Earth

In this poster I have created the map of the world using the names of most of the languages that are in existence in nowadays.

It is important to maintain our mother language which is the symbol of our culture and history. A healthy society, where the importance of mother language is understood and protected, prevents illiteracy and promotes cultural development and creativity.