LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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languages in blue

by Polostosaurus

For these posters, i have been trying to evoke different caracteristics of the language:
The use of different fonts evokes the multiplicity of the languages and their formal aspect, their disposition shows a certain complexity and abundance
of the origins.
Nevertheless despite their differences one can find correlations, common grounds that are here symbolised by "the links" that unite the letters together. These links, in poster no1, emerge directly from an earth globe that tends to expose the international character of the conference, that is also symbolised by the circle in poster no2.
The font used for the main text (futura) educes the inherent precision and the very structured aspect of all languages.
In poster no1, the central dialogue bubble evidently evokes the oral language, and its different layers symbolise the different languages as well as showing their parallelism

Please note that the blue squares show the location of the logo.