LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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The language code

by Fernando Botton
Co-authors: Fernando Botton, Samie Iqbal

Concept- VISUAL codes, PHYSICAL signs and SOUND collectively make up the universal international mother language.

. Active, Multicultural, Happy, Diverse, informative, dynamic, an energetic setting- ‘Pay attention please’.

The scheme promotes by using series of symbols and metaphors the universality of the language code. It is a WORDLY appreciation to the singular elements that combine to make the overall construct of language. Language is one in concept but diverse in nature consisting of over 2700 languages spoken in the world and more than 7000 dialects. It is loud but soft, colourful but distinctive, SCATTERED through mediums of expression but central to “making the WORLD GO ROUND”.

Bubbles of sound waves transmit the metaphors of the CODED language. The concept is also derived from the idea that language is not simply as an entity of speaking but language as a framework to understand one another and hence we interpret these series of signs that we all understand despite borders or regional differences. We all look different yet we are able to appreciate that we have the ability to understand one another.