LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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I Speak

by Octávio Augusto Filho


When we start learning how to speak – as a child – we
associate words with objects, persons and places. In fact, we memorize it as a parrot. As time goes by, we begin to think, and all those words, become part of something bigger, our LANGUAGE.

In my poster, i wanted to show that thinking and speaking are always very close. When you think, is like you´re talking with yourself. And speaking is that thought going out.

And to emphasize that our race or the colour of our skin
doesn´t matter, i put there a green man with a smile on his face. It shows how happy he is speaking the importance of this Day.

The colours in this poster, must call for everyone´s attention with happiness. And must also improve all the
text, giving the right importance for each part.