LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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"Languages matter!" poster

by Jevgeni Striganov
Co-authors: Karina Kropotina


This is a nice fancy poster, that shows the globe with
different languages all over the world. They are the lips, as a main
instrument of speaking, which is painted with different colors. Those languages make the world more colorful and various. It says that if the languages will
continue to disappear, then soon the world become sad and monochrome. Also many cultures and national heritages will disappear with those languages.
So the main idea of this poster that people should be interested to expand the borders of learning other languages and give them a chance to be more demanded, assist to survive, because many future lifes depend on it. And people should be able to speak on the most required world languages for now, but have no possibilities for it. They need help to be assisted in learning.