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by william perkins

The world as a whole relies heavily upon the use of language every day in its many forms. Language is a vital part of communicating ideas as well as forming cultural relationships and economic ties. At the forefront of continuing this valuable concept of language in our society are the children. Children must be provided with the tools to learn about other cultures, learn the value of tolerance and respect of these cultures. At the same time, it is essential that children in particular learn the value of their own culture and language and embrace it. Language is an expression of the beauty of the diversity that the world has to offer. I have read that there are individuals that have tried to save the endangered languages by writing grammars and dictionaries and encouraging their use among schoolchildren, or by videotaping the few remaining speakers on the off chance that future generations will want to revive the lost tongue.
I believe my entry to the 2009 Language Matters campaign successfully displays the urgency of this cause. In my entry, I show the young faces of the world cultures that will be directly affected by this campaign. I also show a few of the many languages are on the verge of extinction. It is my hope that my entry can somehow contribute to the preservation of endangered languages.