LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Christopher Nguyen

The "normal way" things are displayed in the US (instruction manuals, translations), is that english (of course) is in the front, then 2nd or 3rd languages are translated in the back; or run underneath the english text. So i wondered if there was a way to display both languages and emphasize them in both a unique and cohesive way. Essentially the poster is split into 2. You can hang it up for english, or for french by flipping it.

The content is so important, that it had to become apart of the visual. about 95% of the type was created in illustrator, The type really comes together in the headline (languages matter). The variation of type speaks to this idea of variation and uniqueness, and really gives the poster a voice, or multiple voices.

Edward Fella and Herb Lubalin had an uber-typographic influence on me for this project, and may other handworked type projects in the past, and probably in the future.

- The layout was set to be reversed but also folded and sent through mail; larger envelopes.
- It's only one color, but a foil stamping would really give the color some depth, and get people to really interact and want to hang it up in their space. Or just a simple coating and color adjusting can do as well.

IMAGE1: This is what you would see once you opened the letter, it has just enough info to let you know what(?) before the poster is completely unfolded, for both languages.

IMAGE 2: More unraveling.

IMAGE 3: Final form.

IMAGE 4 & 5: Detail vectors.