LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Language as Making Cultural Resonance

by Namkyu Ryoo


The origin of mother languages instinctively stems from mother’s heart beats while baby were in her womb. Baby always stay in touched with mother and exposed with what mother have been experienced on local environment. These all interactions between environment and baby though mothers are crucial process to preserve their mother language as a cultural identity. This system of identity succeeding by mother language is play a role for sustaining their cultural diversities and fasten their social unity to make healthy and better society.
With symbolic perspective of language, different mother language in different country can be interpreted as different frequency and bandwidth of cultural identity. These all different frequencies are shaping their own unique cultural boundaries and have high possibilities for becoming the partial components of global harmony.
We need global harmony to solve problem of diminishing mother language in minor. To make global harmony as socially beautiful patterns, we need to help a process of preservation for diminishing language and finally tune those frequencies of each cultural identity and make resonances from cultural surface in each social sectors. So each different mother language have different colors and line weights and positions. These visual poster is telling story of above, which is about bring different color palettes and make pattern with them and make simple message “Languages Matter” as resonance.