LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Trees of Languages

by zerus

In my work, I attempt to draw the analogy of language to Nature. Similarly to various types of plants and animal species, unfortunately, languages also are at risk of extinction. On the one hand, many of us are impressed by the concept of “a global village” which offers assimilation and conformity; on the other hand, not many people are aware that all that happens at the expense of thousands of languages and dialects which lose in competition with authoritative and prestigious languages. Furthermore, more and more attention is devoted to protection of environment and more and more awareness is raised among citizens of different countries in regards to the rescue of the Mother Earth. Maybe, the analogy of the language problem and environmental protection can bring people closer to the hazardous situation of various languages as many “trees” of indigenous languages disappear in the same way as types of trees in rain forests.
In terms of a technique used in my design, the project reminds of the primitive, folk art which reveals the secrets of various cultures and languages. First of all, my personal feeling is that this art gets to the roots of many remote cultures and origins of their linguistic richness. Second of all, folk art reminds me of the great importance of the word and verbal communication in those days as stories and legends were passed on from one generation to the next one mainly by word of mouth. Finally, by means of this art we can always journey back to our genesis and ethnic identity which fades away in the face of massive immigration and globalization.