LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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by daniel vargas
Co-authors: Eduardo Vargas

Our world is becoming one. The same idea with a common plan. It doesn´t sound all that bad, but what's going to happen to our identities?
Where would we be placed as individuals with a unique color of skin, and language. Every one of us with thousands of years behind?

A fingerprint is an impression that demonstrates that each one of us is unique. It is used to identify people, and their very own characteristics.
Language is also a component that gives us an identity. This poster reflects the importance of language to our identities and to the world. If we lose this component we will be losing a big part of ourselves.

Through the use of a fingerprint, formed by the phrase "I am", this poster intends to
express the importance of languages as part of our identity. The fingerprint represents each one of us as individuals, and the phrase “I am” represents that there many cultures and languages still in use. This is a typographic poster (designed only with letters) because letters are the visual representation of languages. This poster reflects the importance of respecting identities, languages, cultures and individuals through diversity recognition.