LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter!2009 by Mercede Manaviparast

by Mercede Manavi

Birds have always been the symbol of talk, music making and sending messages. Birds have also been the symbol of variety and diversity. I used birds in my designs as the icons for such definitions; along with the words and the slogan: Languages Matter! I believe that they represent the diversity of languages and speeches. In design #1: The birds in different colors sitting on the branches of the blue tree coming out of the globe show the multiplicity of languages that exist in the world. Also in design#3 I strived to show the same explanation only in a different look and feel.
In design#2 and #4 I tried to communicate more directly by showing different faces from different races all around a circle relating to the sphere. with the icon for talk in the middle in #2 and different symbols and icons around the image in #4.
In design #5 I just showed the pictures of people talking and listening in the body of the word "Languages". The simplicity of the design and just using the typography as the vehicle to send the message is what this poster is all about.
Thank you for considering my designs,
Your Sincerely,

Mercede Manaviparast
16 Harvester Cres, Woodbridge, On, L4L 8Y3