LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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The future man

by Agnaldo Silva do Nascimento

With the Message from Mr Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the celebration of 2008, International Year of Languages about the challenges and the search of efficient solutions to the subject.

From that, I chose images what it was reflecting the ideas contained in that article and in others(on the related links on the brief). I chose to focus the subject in the human being, so the profile of a man to represent all the human beings and inside a multifaceted image to emphasize very well the ideia of a genuine multilingualism and Cultural Diversity which promotes unity in diversity and international understanding. In the left side, the images of palavrasre preseat the expression of mutiliguism and the globe for the idea of union of all. In the right side I used the red to give sense of alert, since besides several problems boarded in the subject, still in the proximas generations 7,000 languages take the risk of disappearing. On basis of the poster, I used the brown color which it is a refêrence to Land, the Motherland. To detach the dates I used the yellow.

In this way, I prepared the poster of a way that was attracting attention and they were forcing the observer to look and to interpret the images of wide way on the subject, spending time to understand it.

Observer learns of the Intangible Cultural and linguistic Heritage and without it, We will live in a boring world. If we manage to find beauty and interest in this same things, we will have an experience of richer life. So, the Observer only can have a perspective different from the world when one interests for things that it normally would not notice. Completely that can help it to use the moment and realizing you were sewing them to his turn.