LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Woman Languages

by william vargas


The illustration that I created shows and ethic woman and the importance that language does matter around the world. As you can see, I have embellished her beauty and the other half of her face with the words “language matter in (English) and Les langues, ça compte in (France) transition”. I want my design to have a painted or very vintage edgy flow of colors to it, and perhaps a worn and torn look to it, but really making the design of her eyes of this young woman to tell a story and deeply touching anyone that can relate to her. I also created a piece of jewelry down the side of her face, which all woman can appreciate, because sometime in their life they have a piece of jewelry that represents them or someone gives to them to treasure for the rest of their lives. The piece of jewelry gives the image of a uniqueness and tradition look to the woman, and it brings out the sense of free style to the individual of reminding our self to always remember were we came from. I use earth tones colors in my work and a vivid red for the word “Language matter/ Les langues, ça compte”, and behind the phrase, I actually repeated all the way down her face in a very light transparent look to it. The woman face is illustrated in the whole page because I think is more of a statement telling people that if we don’t teach society or our community about our native language it will disappear. Now the number 21 which is referring to as February 21, 2009 and in France transition included is a way that I wanted to introduce the event day, making the number 2 and the number one overlap one another. The different types language that surrounds us each and everyday of our lives, it is very important that it never disappear from the face of this earth, because it is the epitome of our individuality.