LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Language is a treasure

by tamar tal
Co-authors: Noa Dolberg, Tamar Tal

Language is a treasure

Approaching this project we started a research, learning about the different writing of languages in the world. In this poster, we aimed to represent as many languages, and to unite all letters to an artistic symbol.
Our inspiration was languages as a world treasure. Language is gold. We wanted to express how precious mother language is. We experience our ability to speak a mother language as a clear fact. Therefore, we never think of how privileged we are to have a unique way to communicate and experience the world through. In times when Authenticity loses its way to globalization, language must be preserved as a guardian to each one unique identity.
Our objective was creating an ornament out of different languages’ scripts. We decided to represent every language with one selected special letter/font. By grouping each letter from the different languages to a one piece, we want to send a message of peace and tolerance.
The languages that we selected are from all parts of the world.
Mother language matters in order to keep our identity complete. Preserving our tradition will lead us to a better, diverse, multicultural world.
We give the world this jewelry made out of gold; hoping languages will unite us rather than divide.

Art collaboration by Noa Dolberg and Tamar Tal