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Joyce says Eithou

by Rachel Hernández Pumarejo

James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" was the general inspiration for this poster's title and content. The specific inspiration of the poster was the neologism "eithou", which is, according to the analysis by Stuart Gilbert and the presentation in Jorge Luis Borges' "Joyce y los neologismos", a combination of "either", "I" and "thou". That specific relationship of words made me think of several ways in which those can be used: either I or thou, I and thou, thou either, I either, and thought of a kinship between the neologism (the mother) and its derivates (her children). I am a bilingual individual currently residing in a country where I have to speak my second language in order to be understood. This circumstance reminds me of the Sapir-Whorf analysis, especially when Sapir states that "no two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality." This makes me think in my mother language, Spanish, and how much I cherish every time I get to speak it. Every time I do, I love it, I love her more.