LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Elham Mahootchi

1-We all know that the variety of languages is decreasing. Different Languages are being paled day by day as people around the world are getting used to learn and speak limited defined languages. What will happen in the future? Will all these languages fade in the darkness?
The top half includes the title and its related texts in English and when you rotate the poster vertically it will reverse. The French title and related texts will be on the top half. So the poster can be used in both sides. The main title is translated into different languages in different but paled colors and between the two main titles the translation in my own language is written and it is also paled.
2-Many Languages are being affected by others, some are totally forgotten and some are going to be. So let’s not let them pale! It‘s a warning today (the yellow color) and it will turn into danger (the red color) tomorrow.
3- In my culture birds are the symbol for sounds and nice talking. I used an old tile to show these 5 birds as symbols of 5 continents from different sides of the world; North, South, East, West. They are the messengers of “Different Languages- Different Cultures- Different Races- Different Civilizations”
4-World without languages is like a poster without color.