LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages matter! / Language is the part of our history.

by Toshihiro


I am not a professional artiest nor a designer but as a member of this family that lives on the earth, I designed this poster for everybody so I can help them understand the concept of “Language Matter!” We really don’t know where all the languages came from, or how they were born; but we all know they exist (or existed).
In this design I showed the history of the earth. In the middle of the poster, there is nothing, This is where the history started. Then as time went forth earth was made, then the humans was made. But where was the language? The human needed communicate each other. Therefore the languages were born. The design shows that many different languages were born in the eternal time flow. I also wanted to represent that each language had power and meaning. It is very sad fact that some languages are dying. I hope people to see the power of languages and to have appreciation to the languages through my poster design.
The entire color indicate day and night. It is also meaning of day and night of language life. I wanted people to recognize that when we start not caring it, the dusk of the language will come and it will be lost forever. We should understand how precious to have our own language and protect them so that night of the language life will never some.
I hope you can enjoy my design.
Thank you.