LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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A Tale of "Languages Matter!"

by s_reaching

This is the poster for the International Mother Language Day.

The rainbow-colored branches stand for human beings' civilization. The water-colored head in the upper right is staring at the dragon in the lower left, which can be seen as a wonderful party--a kind of communicating.

The slogon in two different colors comprises the character of " M ", which is short for " Matter ".

The blank rectangle is for the UNESCO's logo.

The head tells :" Languages matter! " The dragon doesn't answer, but sends out many fire-birds on attempt to set branches on fire. The good side of this deed is that these birds bring light to the dark side of the branches.

The background stands for the fast-paced human history. What we can see are the remaining branches and casting shawdows caused by diversified cultures in the history recorded in hundreds of languages.

As you can compare the colorful branches with shadows, you may wonder what causes this difference?

Then there comes out the urgent need for this celebration.

Be my guest to enjoy it! And don't forget to take part in.