LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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keep the song alive !

by Daniel Llach

A multilingualism orientated towards the sustainability that incorporates contemporary elements into the moment to rescue the history and the indigenous culture of every language mother.

I construct this message by means of 2 icons; bird and sound.

The bird connotes the nature and the return to this one for the search of a balance (sustainability), the migration (trip / cultural exchange) and to flight (freedom) , in addition it is the vectorization of the image of a bird of a Inca rupestrian painting, which adds a strong indigenous connotation (history / culture).

As for the sound it is represented by means of a contemporary icon proper of the IT (Information Technology) world (web 2.0) and of the electronic devices, this icon is our contemporary element for the rescue of every language mother, and denotes in if same a strategy (global, for that captive observer who manages to distinguish in a second reading the map inside the composition).

Bird + Sound = The bird song.

When birds are use for illustrated this allegory of a sustainable multilingualism, it´s coherent represents the language mother as the singing of a bird, constructing thus a SYMBOLISM (graphic + verbal) simply, powerfully, poetically and easily to understand that it represents correctly the character and the objective of the organization languagues matter.

Every bird has his essential singing. can you imagine a world in which all the birds has the same singing ?

All that is the base to communicate the principal concept of the poster: MULTILINGUALISM, which is represented in a simple way just repeating the sound icon in different colors, every color is a different singing, therefore a different language.

Finally it is necessary to emphasize that the general spirit of the poster is based on the happiness, on the roots and on the festivity, proper factors of a CELEBRATION, is for this reason that the graphical language of the poster reminds a bit to the graph used to promote concerts or parties without losing a Folk touch.