LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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International Mother Language Poster

by lozcielos

My idea for this design was to evoke communication of languages that are slowly disappearing throughout the world. I feel that communication is a key aspect of languages, and it only felt natural to use this as a means of inspiration. Graphically I’ve illustrated more than one globe, which represents the international aspect of this poster. The use of the dotted lines that offset the globe and the abstract speaker(s) shows the paths of communication throughout different parts of the world with various languages. Bright bold colors are used in a way to represent the idea of many rich and vibrant cultures that embrace numerous languages. The eroded aesthetic of poster also adds to the notion of some languages slowly vanishing. I wanted this poster to display the idea of languages coming together that maybe slowly disappearing; by graphically showing *communication of different cultures and nations acting as one to restore these lost languages.