LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Mother Languages - Mouth, Mind, Heart

by Nick Hlozek

Mother languages are key to promoting greater social inclusion, for creative and economic development, and for safeguarding indigenous knowledge.

This poster plays on the idea that there is a connection between the mouth, the mind and the heart, and all too often that connection is lost because someone is unable to express themselves as they are communication in a language that is not their own. Thus, the importance of mother languages is emphasised as a tool for broad-based communication of important global ideas as well as for the harvesting of indigenous ideas that may have been lost otherwise. It is very difficult to express complex concepts without clear channels of communication being open. Mother languages give us the opportunity to do so.

The typographic arrangement of the words “(M)other Tongue” is also a reference to the marginalisation of smaller, indigenous languages as though they were inferior to the bigger, global languages prevalent in the world today, which indeed, they are not.