LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

"Spreading the word" / "Living voice"

by Cartageno

The two posters reflect an attitude of "spreadind the word" to all the people in the planet about the importance of it´s own native language as a living voice to identify groups, and to enrich the global culture of the entire planet. A word, as itself, carries an history and a profound meaning. Ethnologically and etymological speaking we can navigate inside a word into its roots. For this and for many other reasons it´s imperative to preserve every living language.
As the title of the first poster ( "Spreading the word" ) says there is an appellative intention to spread the message "Languages Matter \ Les languages ça compte " from everywhere to everywhere with a mega-phone. Everyone is together with this cause spreading the voice of its own language.
On the second poster "Living voice" there is an appellative intention to spread our living and newly born voices to all the places in the world.
In what concerns the aesthetic of the two posters, there was an intention to illustrate it with sober and attractive colors. The main title ( Languages Matter \ Les languages ça compte ) was also done taking in count its importance and functionality to spread the event around with good legibility.