LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Language is Art

by Sally Sampleperson

For the UNESCO 2009 "International Mother Language Day" poster design competition, I designed my submission around the use of many characters found in several languages. What is language but the combination of many seemingly unrelated symbols we call letters, arranged into art that we speak, read, and write every day. In this sense, language is art - and was thus the inspiration for my design.

The entire design is comprised solely of characters, letters, or glyphs from many languages, set on a "paper-like texture" background in varying colors. The face is completely designed with the use of the title/design font (see supplementary images provided). In addition, simple graphic elements from our languages are incorporated in pairs (brackets, parentheses, etc.) This design shows the viewer the true power of our languages; letters arranged in one way may look like a word but arranged in another (such as in this case) something more.

Overall, this design is a creative, modern, and truly inspiring actualization that language really does matter, and its creative uses--in every part of our lives--are endless.