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Mother & Child

by Amit Ranjan


International Mother Language Day

The number of languages may never be determined exactly in the world but every language has its own speciality that can be compared to the warmth of a mother, kiss from your love, care from your father, gift from your friend. Be a person of any land, any class, however educated but the moment he hears his mother language it gets him the feeling of his family. It brings not only happiness but also oneness and secured feeling.

We dream, cry, laugh and everything that runs in us are only in our mother tongue. What is a language? A medium to express ourselves and understand others. We are thought to express ourselves in our mother tongue from the time we are born, so wherever we travel, the happiness we get conversing in our mother tongue cannot be compensated.

It is quite evident and disturbing that few languages in the world are becoming extinct. Though all of us enjoy the pleasure of our mother tongue, some of us take pride in speaking International languages. We fail to realize our generation would follow us and this is an important reason for some languages dying.

It is definitely great to be a master of all languages. For all educational and official reasons one could have conversation in a universal language but at home one should make it a point to speak only in his mother language. This is the only way we could keep our language healthy and alive. As said earlier, learning all foreign languages is as wonderful as traveling across the globe enjoying different cultures but speaking in mother language is as extraordinary as staying in our country with family and friends. Therefore it is important to realize that other languages are only vacation but only the mother language is our home.

Let all of us love and take the responsibility to keep our mother language alive. I take this competition as an opportunity and start the task right away, Dhanyawad (its thank you in Hindi)!