LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Children, The Future of Our Languages

by Vina Domingo-Roy
Co-authors: None

The future of our languages is in the hands of our children. We must instill in them the value of languages to ensure its existence for generations to come. My poster design emphasizes this point, showing multicultural diversity through images of children from different continents incorporated in a world map. They are involved in different forms of communication and expression: playing, studying, talking, using gadgets, and just having fun. We can use these activities as tools in order for children to develop a love for languages. Yellow, a favorite color of kids, depicts happiness and optimism. It is combined with red and oranges, exciting and active colors, representing a positive future. The background shows a subdued image of children from different races talking with each other and a simple, yet playful graphics to complement the theme. All required texts are in place emphasizing the importance of the event starting from the date at the top left, followed by the name of the event and the slogan at the lower left where the picture of the children is placed. The UNESCO logo and other supplementary text can be put at the bottom right of the poster. Overall I think my poster has a positive and forward outlook, a little bit playful, with a clear message that fits the theme of the International Mother Language Day.