LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Languages Matter!

by abdelmonem amin


I chose a tree to represent my idea. The trunk of the tree is a pencil which is a symbol of learning and education. The branches of the tree are the different languages that represent different cultures. The tree is a symbol of life constantly developing and rising to the light. The tree is on top of the globe which is turning into a greener globe.

From different languages, I chose one word, "READ". The word "READ" is the first word of the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. The word encourages thinking, learning, and searching for wisdom and truth.

By developing social and economic life in different areas of the world, and connecting with other cultures through education, we can reach our goal for a better, safer, and greener globe.

My design is meant to create a sense of movement by taking the eye along the written left border "International Mother Language Day" to the top. It then moves downward through the right border and from the center where the slogan "Languages Matter!" continues up the globe and through the tree to the sky.

I used the color light blue to represent the color of the sky. Also it represents the color of dreams.

The UNESCO logo will be in the orange circle at the bottom left of the design. And the United Nations logo will be to the right of it.