LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Mother & Child

by Nancy Wee


The poster shows the affection between a child and the mother done in a typographical approach. The concept of this poster is about the intimate relationship of how a child addresses his/her mother in different languages to promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism. The typog-graphic solution is very much inspired by Herb Lubalin's "Mother & Child"

Mother tongue is an intimate language of a human life and probably the first word that a child utter is to call his/her mother in their language. The poster aims to communicate the essence of educating the young ones of their mother tongues before it disappear. It should be treated with importance and urgency to promote cultural diversity, fight literarcy and teaching of mother tongue to our younger generations. It is a tall order for the affection and preservation of our mother tongue that brings about the interdisciplinary vision of the importance of languages.