LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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The barbed wire

by Noriyuki Kasai

The improvement of the elementary education by the improvement of the literacy rate by every country in the world, especially by the developing country and Mother languages is requested now. The brunt of the people due to the deterioration of a poor, social situation in a long war etc. are thought as a problem that the elementary education of Mother languages is not received. These people work when it is small because my life is supported, and there is no room that receives the education. If neither the public peace of the country, nor economy, and the social environment etc. are stabilized, it is difficult to make the elementary education received. And, it is possible to measure and to know the vicious circle that a part of Establishment holds politics if Mother languages cannot educate to be absorbed. In a word, Mother languages is put on the barbed wire though is soon before one's eyes.
These problems were expressed with the poster in showing the type of barbed wire to ..language.. havign.. book.

These problems were expressed with the poster in showing the character of barbed wire to ..
word.. having.. blackboard.