LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by elpenyes


In search of an expressive image results a unique clue to the subject (Languages Matter) in a "naive" look.

The aim is to provide a symbol that transports us to the children's world. The icon of a game links the atmosphere created with the importance of learning the mother language. In addition, it psychologically remarks the concept of loosing (if we loose the language, we loose the game).

The background is done with some hieroglyphics, which remind us of the strong relation between language and culture. This proposes another reflection in the sense that if we loose the language we loose the understanding of the culture.

Finally, where the letter E (of HELP) should go, there is a blank left, that observed in detail brings us the shape of the Rosetta stone: the clue to the lost languages.

To sum up, the design proposes a reflection about the mother languages from the point of view of learning, the consequences of loosing them, and the importance to preserve and understand them.