LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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The beating heart of our life

by Andreas Sandre
Co-authors: Andreas Sandre

Our mother language is part of our life, part of our culture, our heritage, our legacy to the world. Often we forget how important our mother language is. We forget the forging power it has on our life. The poster I’m submitting (image 1) wants to represent all of this: the second “A” in the word “LANGUAGE” is spelt in many different ways and in many foreign languages (Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Greek, atc…) to represent the many languages spoken around the world. Even if they look different, those many “As” represent the same sound, or a very similar sound. The “As” are then grouped over the world “LANGUAGE” in a cloud shaped like a heart, to symbolized how important our language is. The heart (image 2) is placed at the center of the poster to show how our mother language should be placed at the center of our life… Our language should be the beating heart of our life!