LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Textual Voice

by Daniel Tu

Typically, we use our voice to express the written word (text). In this design, the roles are reversed. The idea is to use written, “non-verbal” words (text) to create and express a powerful “voice”, using typography as the (visual) sound or vocal.

By breaking up the word 'LANGUAGES', two ideas are juxtaposed:

1. The importance of keeping the unity of “languages”, literally. Once a “language” is broken and destroyed, it creates conflict and disharmony. Hence, it becomes difficult to understand in a literal sense.

2. Because it’s difficult to understand, it becomes difficult to read. It challenges the viewer to decipher the text and compels the viewer to process the information. Once the message has been processed, it is easier to retain.

The intent of this design was to challenge the viewer and raise awareness, continuing past International Mother Language Day.